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For those interested in Clearances

Webster's definition of clearance:

An act or process of clearing: such as:

a: the removal of buildings from an area (such as a city slum)

b: the act of clearing a ship at the customhousealso : the papers showing that a ship has cleared

c: the offsetting of checks and other claims among banks through a clearinghouse

d: certification as clear of objection : AUTHORIZATION security clearance

e: a sale to clear out stock

f: authorization for an aircraft to proceed especially with a specified actionclearance to land

etc. etc. etc.

In medicine it means the results of tests run during the process of diagnosing health issues.

(Tests that have been run to detect the many hereditary problems possible in your pet)

There are innumerable tests available today at a cost of thousands of dollars if you would want them all.

I graduated from Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine in 1959, started "The Audubon Group of Animal Hospitals" in which I practiced my

Profession in the field of Animal Therapeutics and Surgery for the next 45 years.

There were few, if any, "Specialists" in those days except to concentrate on the the choice of species you most preferred to work with.

Someone once quoted "A Specialist is one who learns more and more about less and less until he knows Everything about Nothing."

My main clearance is the age old practice of weeding out the undesirable traits by sterilization during my 75 years breeding dogs and my

45 years operating 3 animal Hospitals in Louisville.

If ANY of my dogs produce a puppy with any of the serious problems they are removed from our breeding group, Sterilized & placed in

good homes to live out their lives celebrant. How many Breeders do you know that have been selecting, raising and breeding dogs for over 75 years?

More info on my Website and the Hundreds of Testimonials there and in my e-mails.

Of course we do special test when necessary or requested

In addition, I have 4 Studs who have produced several hundred puppies with NO HIP Dysplasia and I give a 24 month money back guaranty

if you have a puppy of mine with congenital hip or shoulder dysplasia.